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Dtexshop an online fashion retailer offers an exclusive and unique range of women's scarves accessories and clothing. Our collection includes printed silk & modal scarves, 100% Authentic cashmere wool scarf and shawls, We also offer Digital printed fabrics, Designer ethnic clothing for women. Tunic, Kurti, and Sari designed in our studio or handpicked. Each piece is inspired by exotic locations and people from around the world, the Entire range of products we sell are at best price with a price guarantee. In addition email us Custom scarf or outfits on demand. We stand out in a highly competitive fashion market with our range of products digital printed, Most Eco-friendly and designed in-house. They are finely crafted and made out of 100% authentic natural fabrics like Silk, Modal, wool, cotton, viscose, and linen.  This is what makes us different and our products are one of a kind not available anywhere else. Our first location in India we have expand in the United States also.